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A maker of local physical designs, based on inspiration that comes from nature.

My inspiration I get from nature. I return intuitively to this fascination with nature in every project I do. At this moment I see another correlation between nature and my identity in the form of my personal interests in bio design. When I was little I always said I was going to do something with animals. In the past years this interest in nature was once again brought to my attention and I found a field that I wanted to work in. This is also why I enjoyed my internship so much, it helped me confirm what I wanted for society and myself and how to start realizing that goal. I want people to experience nature more and this seems the way to go. Realizing my vision, creating a symbiosis between man and nature, humans should first get new and pleasant experiences with nature and get them used to new technologies. After that you can start to combine nature and technology to create that bond between man and nature. In Aurora I got my inspiration from the natural sleep process that humans already have to create a better wake up moment. In my current project my interest in protecting the environment is more prevalent.

I am a physical maker and not really a digital creator. I am good at working with materials like wood, metal and fabrics (take a look at my costumes and my extracurricular activities) to create physical things. If you look at my previous projects I almost always create a physical design or a system that consists of a physical object that is connected to software. I am happiest when I am constructing my prototypes, I love to let the things I make to speak for themselves.

I have strong ties to the region I was born in, both professionally and personally and I’ve found that there are a lot of creators in this region working as professional or semi-professional. I have worked with these creators before and each time I felt as if I had gained something more than just the knowledge. I love the region I grew up in and I want to become a stimulant for innovation in that region.


Create an symbiosis between man and nature by making responsible design.

I want to let people see that nature and humanity can work together to create new solutions. Nature has had millions of years to envision and evaluate its parts and improve them. We as humanity would be fools if we did not try to use that experience to create better systems and objects. You can see this return in the projects Skin Customization and Aurora.

Take Voronoi structures for example; you encounter this structure or pattern everywhere if you look hard enough. Voronoi structures make the wings of a bumblebee strong enough to carry it when it is flying. It makes bones strong enough to carry severely overweight people and can withstand great impact if necessary. But at the moment voronoi structures are not used a lot by humans. People are becoming aware of the structure for example due to material saving in 3D-printing.

As designers we have a responsibility to the rest of the world. As creators we have to lead by our designs. We have to take responsibility and not only think about ourselves and making money. But also about the environment and the future generations. With my designs I want to create products and services that are responsible. What I mean is design that is made with materials that are sustainable and and accessible to a lot of people. This belief is what I started with at the TU/e you can see my facination with reusability from my first project onwards. As John Thackara said “from velocity to virtuosity”. Quality is an aspect that becomes more and more important in a person's life. Using the hours that a person has to the greatest advantage.

What I want to achieve in my designs is a symbiosis between man and nature. Ambio by Teresa van Dongen is a beautiful example of this. This lamp works uses bioluminescent bacteria to create light, in return these bacteria get a safe haven to life. I want to see that man works together with the materials around them to create a world in which nature and man can live together and man will not just take resources but will also give something back. This direction I found in my internship at Bioart